Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde

‘Oscar Wilde’
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In celebration of Oscar’s time in Fermanagh  Heather spearheaded a Weekend Festival in Enniskillen in 2002 2003 and 2004.  To coincide with the first festival in 2002 she wrote  three short works on Oscar Wilde: ‘A Wilde Family’ which introduced festival goers to the background of his extraordinary  Dublin family; ‘Wildefire’ a study into the lives of Oscar’s half-sisters Emily and Mary Wilde; and ‘Forgotten Schooldays –  Oscar Wilde at Portora Royal School.

She has always believed that one of Enniskillen’s best kept secrets is the fact that such a famous figure spent seven years in the town when he attended Portora from 1864-1871. Arriving at the age of nine and leaving when he was almost seventeen, this was a particularly formative time in his life.  In her research she discovered some disturbing elements in young Wilde’s life which had never before seen the light of day, and which the later flamboyant character was at pains to suppress in adulthood.

  ‘I have forgotten my schooldays. I have a vague impression that they were detestable’ Mrs Cheveley  An Ideal Husband.

Festivals 2015 001In 2016 Heather worked with Artistic Director, Sean Doran, in the production of three festivals.  She Co-ordinated his first ‘A Wilde Weekend’ in Enniskillen in May; and worked in an administrative capacity for the 4th ‘Happy Days Enniskillen International Beckett Festival July/August & the Lughnasa International Friel Festival in Belfast/Donegal in August.

Heather has also participated in last year’s ‘A Wilde Weekend’ when, together with TCD Prof Jarlath Killeen, she gave a talk about Wilde’s schooldays at Portora Royal School in Enniskillen.

‘Forgotten Schooldays’ is available to buy at £10

FORGOTTEN SCHOOLDAYS... Oscar's time at Portora Royal

FORGOTTEN SCHOOLDAYS… Oscar’s time at Portora Royal




In the second book Heather investigates the shadowy details of the lives of Wilde’s two half sisters, Emily and Mary who were burnt to death when Wilde was 17 and the impact this had on the Wilde family. This is available for purchase at £5

HALF SISTERS... Heather sheds light on the lives of WIlde's two half sisters.

HALF SISTERS… Heather sheds light on the lives of WIlde’s two half sisters.